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Hello Dear Reader,
Do you have any products or services you want to showcase to the world and triple your sales? Well, you don’t have to look any further because Info Express247  Blog™ provides you with such great avenue..
With thousands of visits and page views on a daily basis, you have the right avenue to get your message across to thousands of Nigerians.
We also have strong social media presence with a handful of Facebook users and Twitter tweeps sharing our feeds to their numerous followers and friends.
This is an advantage to our advertisers as their adverts get shared along with our pages.
Our advertising rates are very affordable while it reaches your target audience. Therefore, ad placement on  this blog is a win-win situation for you.
You are in safe hands.
Small Rectangle (Sitewide): 125 x 125 = N2, 500
Large Rectangle: 320 x 270 = N5, 000
Skycraper (Sitewide) = N10,000
Wide Banner (Top & Sitewide):= N20,000
And Responsive Ads at #3000
We also accept negotiations on having your adverts on both desktop and mobile versions of our website.
For more information, contact:
You can also beep us on:
Michelle: 09077647545

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