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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Six pieces skirt: Cutting all pieces at a go!!!

Its another day and an opportunity to learn something. 
In the last tutorial, I gave steps on how to cut multiple pieces individually.
So in today's post, we are going to learn how to cut all pieces at once.
We would be using our previous measurements...
Full length 40inches
Half length 18inches
Waist 30inches
Hip 36inches
Remember what I said in the last post- the flare depends on how wide you want it to be.
So let's stop make use of our previous flare width of 22inches.
One reason I like using this method is its simplicity plus it saves time and energy.
Wondering how it can be achieved? Wonder no more, just keep reading and you will be sure to find out in some easy steps.
Remember what we are trying to cut out? Six pieces all at once for our six pieces skirt.
Now how do we achieve this? Quite simple
Step 1: Lay your fabric on th table. Measure the desired length( add extra allowance for folding)

Step 2: Fold it severally such that when you count the tip of the fabric for the number of pieces, you will have six pieces. Ensure to fold using the flare width of 22inches ( you can measure out 23inches due to cutting)

Step 3: Locate the mid point of the fabric you have folded and mark

Step 4: Get your hip measurement and divide it by the number of pieces you desire, that is, 36÷6=6. Add seam allowance 1.5 or 2inches. That becomes approximately 8inches per piece.
Measure out 8inches on the folded fabric, ensure mid point tallies with midpoint earlier marked out.

Step 5: Mark and trace it down to the half length

Step 6: From the half length point, slant down to achieve the flare and trace it out.

Step 7: Cut out pattern... And there you have it, all six pieces cut out at once.

Having any questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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