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Monday, 1 July 2019

Cutting a six pieces skirt

Wheeew.... It's been a while. Moving up and down has given me little time to be here but it feels so good to be back and just as always we are going to be learning something new today- Pieces skirt; be it four or six or eight pieces or any number you may desire.
And don't worry, it is not as daunting as it looks- a couple of steps and you should be able to cut a basic six pieces skirt.
Alright now... Let's get started.
For this tutorial, we are going to cut a six pieces skirt. With that idea, you can cut any number of pieces of your choice.
We are going to learn two different methods of cutting a six pieces skirt- either cutting each piece individually or cutting all pieces at the same time

Method 1: Cutting pieces individually

First thing first, let's get our working measurement
Full length( from waist down to the feet) 40inches
Half length(from waist to knee):18inches
Hip: 36inches
Waist: 30inches
Also you will require your fabric(3-4yards) depending on how full you want your skirt to be; scissors, tape, chalk or pen for tracing.

Having taken the required measurement, the next thing is to cut the fabric.
Step 1: Spread your fabric on your cutting table

Step 2: Take your hip measurement and divide it by the number of pieces you want. E.g if we want to cut a six pieces skirt, given our hip size of 36, it becomes 36 divided by 6. This gives us 6inches each.

Step 3: Add seam(sewing) allowance e.g 1.5 or 2inches to the 6inches, hence we have roughly 8inches. This means cutting from the waist to the half length will be 8inches wide. From that point downwards will depends on how full you want the bottom to be. 

Step 4: Put your fabric on fold. If we want it to be 22inches wide in the flare, we put our fabric on fold ( that is 11.5inches due to cutting) to the desired measurement.

Step 5: Measure out the length (add a little allowance for folding) and mark

Step 6: Mark where the half length stops

Step 7: Measure 4inches(remember fabric is on fold, opening it will give our 8inches width) wide and mark, trace it down to where the half length is and mark

Step 8: Put your tape rule at the point where the half length stops and slant it downwards indicating the desired width of the flare, trace it out
Step 9: cut out the pattern.

Step 10: Use the piece to cut out the other five pieces and voila....
All your pieces are ready.


To save fabric, alternate between up and down when cutting.

Next we are going to learn how to cut all pieces at once.

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