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Thursday, 15 November 2018


Hello fashion lovers and enthusiasts, welcome back.
In today's post, we are going to be learning how to take measurements appropriately.
Measurements form an integral part of the sewing process and it varies from style to style.
For example, sewing a blouse requires measurements such as the full length, half length(optional, depending on the style of the blouse), the bust, the shoulder, the arm length and arm size.
A skirt requires measurements such as full length, half length(optional), waist, hip.
A gown would require taking a combination of the above two measurements, although the type of style help in determining what exact measurements to take.
A short or trouser would require measurements such as waist, hip, length and trouser bottom.
So you see, measurements varies.
When taking measurements, it is advisable to take every possible measurement.
Some professionals are used to eyeballing some measurements but for starters, taking all measurements is necessary. Don't worry, gradually you
will become more acquainted with the process.

Now, to measurement taking proper... First things first, get your measuring tape, a paper/book and a pen to jot down the measurement.
Various measurements:
Full length: Place the tip (beginning) of the measuring tape on the shoulder of the person, making sure you are using the part that has inches written on it.
With one hand holding the tip of the tape to the shoulder, simply measure down to the desired length and record.

Half length: A half length measurement is needed in some certain styles such as a peplum, a flared skirt etc. For a peplum, half length is taken from the shoulder down to the waist.
Please for the sake of taking the measurement, the waist is at the curve(shape) of the body. To make it easier, use the belly button as an indicator. So that means you will take the measurement from the shoulder to where the belly button is for the half length.

Bust: Take your tape, use it to form a circle around the boobs. Ensure that the person wears a bra to get the appropriate measurement.

Waist: Similar to the bust, take the tape in a circled form around the waist and measure.

Hip: Familiar with the hips of a person right? The curvy sides by the bumbum. Take the tape around the hips making sure to use a finger to adjust the tape very well. Record the measurement.

Shoulder: Place the tip of the tape on one shoulder joint and measure in a straight line to the other shoulder joint.

Arm length: Place the tape on the shoulder joint and measure straight down towards the elbow and wrist. Measure out the desired length.

Arm size: In between the shoulder joint and the elbow, that is, the upper arm, place the tape around and take desired measurement.

Other measurements abound.

It all depends on the style you intend sewing.

Ever tried taking a measurement before?
Give it a try today...

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