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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Sewing a straight skirt( Continued)

Hy lovelies, in today's post, we are going to be learning how to stitch our pieces together to create a straight skirt.
It's all quite simple...
Step 1: Place your linen on the bright part of the fabric.
Note that every fabric has two sides, the bright side or front and the dull side or back. So place the linen on top of the bright side.
Step 2:Sew it together at the waist line, and also at the two sides.
Note that the dull side would be outside while sewing.
Don't sew it at the bottom.
Do it for all the pieces.
Step 3: Turn it over to reveal the bright side.
You will observe that the stitches from the sewing goes inside after you have turned it.
Step 4: Take both back pieces, fold the waist and sew each piece. Also fold the waist for the front piece and sew.
Step 5: Bring both back pieces together, place them on each other, ensuring that the bright sides face each other and the part with the linen faces outward, get your zipper determine the length, mark it. Sew the remaining part downward, leaving about 6 to 7 inches for the slit or opening.
Step 6: Take the zipper and sew it onto the material in the measured out part you marked out earlier.
Step 7: Measure 4 inches from the zip, widthwise and mark. From that point, make a dart, sewing downwards, i.e, lengthwise, 3inches.
Do it to the right and left sides of the back. Also do it to the front material piece.
That means you will have four darts on the skirt, two in the front piece and two in the back piece.
Step 8: Bring both front and back pieces of the material together, ensure the bright side faces each other.
Use your measurement and shape it accordingly.
Turn over to reveal the bright side, iron out the sewing to make it look straight.
Voila..... Your pencil skirt is ready.

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