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Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Before attempting to sew a piece of
fabric, some items need to be at hand to aid the whole process.
These items include but are not limited to the following;

Sewing machine

A very important equipment, it helps in putting pieces of materials together to form a complete outfit.

Measuring tape

This helps in taking measurements- you would not want to end up sewing an oversized or undersized dress.
The measuring tape has two sides; inches on one side and centimetres on the other side.


This helps in cutting materials before sewing.

Needle and Thread

There are two types of needles; the machine needle which is fixed on the sewing machine and the hand needle which is used for stitching without the machine. Threads are important as they help hold the pieces of materials together and prevents them from loosing.


O yes!!! Chalks... And don't worry, it doesn't mean you are deviating from sewing to teaching. It's purpose is to simply help in making marks on the fabric before cutting. This usually help prevent cutting in error. A pen can be a substitute for this.

Office pins

It helps to hold the pieces of fabric together prior to sewing.

Pin cushion or magnet

In order to prevent the pins from getting scattered all over the place, getting missing or prevent you from stepping on pins all over the place, this item is a must have as it serves as a store for keeping the office pins and needles.
A jar can equally serve this purpose.

Pressing iron

You would not want to go through the process of sewing a beautiful outfit and then have it look like something that a dog has chewed and spitted out.... No no no. If you don't want your completed work to look rumpled then you need to have a pressing iron.
It helps smoothen the lines of sewing by putting finishing touches to your completed outfit.

The list goes on...
As you familiarize yourself with the sewing process you will continue to discover more tools to use, but with the above items available, you are so much ready to start your sewing journey.

Ever taken a measurement before? Look out for my next post.

Having questions or observations?
Feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

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