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Monday, 12 November 2018


Ever wondered how an exquisite piece was made? The "ahh","wow", "lovely", escapes from your lips even before you become aware of what you have said.

To some people, sewing is tedious but to others like me, it is simply fun.
The joy you derive when you put pieces together to form something complete.
Awwww.... That feeling!!!!! I just love it.
It's Yuletide again.....
Celebration, O yes!!!
Are you thinking about what I am thinking??? I bet you are.
Of course it's the clothes season; the sewing season.
Wondering what you intend doing with the left over materials you didn't use, I guess.
I see you are planning on sewing a simple style with it in order for the "material not to waste".
Oh my!!! You can actually pedal a machine?
Good news for you... Learn the basics of sewing using that left over material of yours.
Sew something for your self or your loved one and develop that knowledge to generate new and unique styles.
Join me on this ride as we board the vehicle of creativity.

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