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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Cutting a straight skirt

Hello my fashion lovers, in today's post, we are going to learn how to draft out the measurement for cutting a simple straight skirt.
Are you excited about it because I am.
In fact, I am always excited when ever I want to do anything related to sewing.
Alright back to the topic of the day- a straight skirt.
Straight skirts are such a beauty as it gives you the ability to rock it differently and for different occasions- be it for a formal occasion or a chic, casual look, it has got your back.
You can choose to rock it in any way and with a combination of your choice, be it an English or Ankara top.
The style of a straight skirt can vary so also is the length.
You can draft it to be with a long zipper at the front, with a long zipper at the back, a short zipper with a slit either at the front or at the back etc.
So you see... It all depends on you , what your fashion sense is and what your wants are.
Alright, let's start with a straight skirt with a short zipper at the back.
Materials needed
#1 Your piece of fabric or material,
#2 Your linen, matching colour with the fabric (optional, it depends on your fabric)
#3 Measuring tape and book/pen for measurement
#4 Scissors
#5 Matching colour of thread for sewing
#6 Matching colour of zip (some call it zipper, which ever one you prefer to call it)
#7 And of course, your functional sewing machine, properly threaded.

The required measurement needed for this particular style are measurements of the waist, the hip and the length.
Now, the next thing to do is to get our working measurement. For better understanding, let's use figures.
Length: 25inches, waist: 30inches, hip: 36inches.
[See previous post on how to take body measurement]
The next step is for us to cut our fabric. Since we are cutting a skirt, we will use the hip measurement.

Step 1: Take the hip measurement, divide it by 4, i.e 36/4=9. Add a sewing allowance of half inch and also a one inch allowance. That means we are adding one and half inches( to cover for sewing allowance, zip allowance and to ensure that the skirt has an allowance for adjustment after sewing) to the 9 inches, making it 10 and half inches.

Step 2: Fold the fabric into two, fold again into two. This means you are folding into four parts. Ensure each folding is 10 and half inches.

Step 3: For the length, add sewing and folding allowance if it will be without a band at the waist.
Let's say 3inches, since we will fold it at the waist and the bottom of the skirt. (Note that the inches you will add will depend on how wide you want the foldings to be). Add it to the original length, i.e 25+3=28, the length will be 28inches, mark out and cut out measurement.

After cutting, spread it open, you will observe that you have two pieces of fabric of size 21 by 28 inches each( where 21 is 10 and half times 2). Pick one piece, fold into two equal parts, cut along the folded line, making it two separate pieces of 10 and half by 28inches.
The 21 by 28inches will serve as the front part while the two halves of 10 and half by 28inches will form the back part of the skirt.

Front piece

Back pieces

If linen will be added, use the cut out material to cut out the exact size of linen.
.... And yessssss... We are good to start sewing.
Look out for the next post on how to stitch the pieces together to form a skirt.
Having questions or observations, please feel free to drop them in the box below.

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