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Monday, 19 November 2018

Cutting and Sewing a Flared Skirt

Hello fashionistas, it's another day to learn something new.
In today's post, we will be learning how to cut and sew a flared skirt.
Materials needed: fabric, zip, sewing machine properly threaded, bias-matching colour with the fabric( optional).
The required measurements are the waist and full length measurements.
Let's assume real figures for the measurement to aid understanding better.
Length= 25inches; Waist: 28inches.
Step 1: Fold the fabric into 2, fold it into two again, that is, fold the fabric into four.

_fabric before folding _

_Folding fabric into two_

_Folding further into two_
Step 2: Get the waist measurement and divide it by 4, that is 28/4= 7 inches.
Step 3: Take your tape and measure round the folding of the skirt like this

Ensure it is 7 inches. Mark the points, don't cut out yet, measure the remaining part and check if it is up to the measured length of 25inches, if it is more or less, adjust it.( Don't forget to add your half inch sewing allowance).
Step 4: Place your tape and measure out the length of the skirt (25inches), mark it out and then cut. Also cut out the waist measurement earlier marked out.

Step 5: Cut open one of the sides of the fabric.
Step 6: Cut out the band for the skirt. Using the waist measurement, cut out a strip of fabric, 28inches long and 4inches wide( the width should depend on how wide you want the waistband to be, but ensure that if you want it to be very wide, it can affect the length of your skirt, so you might need to make adjustments).

Your pattern will become like this

Step 1: Fold the long strip into two, press it with a pressing iron if necessary to ensure the folding is properly aligned, sew it to the waist of the flare.
Step 2: Take both edges of the flare, from the waist, measure 7inches or the desired length of your zip, mark it and sew the remaining opening downwards.
Step 3: Sew your zip onto the space left earlier at the waist region.
Step 4: Use a bias to turn/fold the bottom of the skirt. If you don't have a bias and can fold the bottom, fold the bottom and sew round.
Iron out.
Your brand new flared skirt is ready.
Having questions or observations, please drop them in the comment box below.
Thanks for reading, I hope you learnt something.
Anticipate more interesting tutorials to come.

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